Electric Motorcycles and Electric Bicycles

Created by Steven Minichiello on 30 October, 2020

In my last post of the top 13 electric motorcycles of 2021, I came across the Super Soco TC and could immediately identify its classic styling that mimics the past (and current) Triumph Bonneville motorcycles that date back to the early 60's.

This is the company website:


Whereas this is the UK website (and is on sale at 3,000 euros) :


In finding reviews for this cool design I came across this article which talks about its introduction just a few years ago in 2018 :


Its Germany engineered Bosch 17-inch hub motor is what drives this bike, but there is conflicting information on one website claiming up to a "top speed of just under 60 mph (or 96 kph)", when the their website states half of that and speed limited to just 45 Km/hr (~ 30 mph), so I'm not sure what is the truth here. It may be a regional or country speed limited legality. The US website has these specs :


This may be considered more of a moped contender as a high end electric bicycle or low end electric motorcycle. So it may really be an electric motor bike !

This review was very positive for overall reviews :


For 3,290 euros or about $3,900 USD it is very affordable and the range of 80 Km (50 miles) makes it the perfect inner city or surban commuter vehicle. And with extra swappable battery packs, you can extend the range even further without having to worry about charge rates !

So check it out and let me know your thoughts below !