Electric Motorcycles and Electric Bicycles

Created by Steven Minichiello on 30 October, 2020

The case for an Accident Warning System for motorcycles is being pursued by Damon Motorcycles

I haven't written an electric motorcycle for some time being busy with many other things, but I have taken a look again since we are in the season for motorcycle riding. And one of the things that always comes up in a conversation is about the risks and danger of motorcycles and even bicycles.

In reviewing the different safety features for electric motorcycles, I remembered the approach that the high-end arc vector used was a haptic heads up approach with almost an AI feel, but I was wondering if there were any other bikes that may also have these features and came across the Damon HS (Hypersport) which was also #7 of the best electric motorcycles listed by luxe digital:


The Damon HS has 3 methods of safety awareness as described in this article :


"The Hypersport will also use a combination of radar, telematics and cameras to build a 360-degree safety net predicting hazards and warning the rider."


This is based upon an integrated blackberry platform as a 'CoPilot' that provides situational awareness and that the "CoPilot uses a platform created by BlackBerry (the phone people) combined with cameras and non-visual sensors to track the speed, direction and velocity of dozens of objects at a time around a motorcycle. This is all processed by onboard computers to anticipate threats and warn the rider through LEDs, vibrations (haptic alerts) or visually on a digital rear-view mirror."

"What’s more, any time a rider reacts to a warning by braking or swerving, the data is beamed to a cloud to allow the system to learn and adapt. Updates are then periodically released for all users with the improvements."

"Damon foresee three levels of AWSM becoming available:

  • Level 1 – Basic Detection: A motorcycle is equipped with the necessary sensors to see a potential collision from all sides and warn the rider.
  • Level 2 – Anticipatory: A motorcycle is equipped with the necessary sensors and capability to track the direction, velocity, and speed of surrounding vehicles to anticipate their approach and potential for impeding the rider’s right of way.
  • Level 3 – Critical Automation: A motorcycle is equipped with the necessary sensors and capability to understand the rider’s abilities and intent."

"This third level will use real-time environmental and road condition information to adjust throttle, brake, and other control functions to ensure the motorcycle is not piloted to exceed the ability level of the rider and/or the conditions of the road."

"This advanced system can include tyre traction, curve radius of a given corner, or available braking distance to a decelerating or fixed object. For the more sceptical who see this as a passing gimmick, Damon raise an interesting point: "Ungoverned by emotional distractions or irrational reactions, computers react far more quickly than humans."

The advancement of safety systems in cars to remind users to put the parking brake on, having a third brake light, buckle up chimes, make sure doors are closed, brake in time, back up sensors, passing lane avoidance sensors, warnings to not watch the map system in use, are just some of the safety systems in cars that we have and take for grated today.

So its very possible that in the near future that there will be incorporated safety systems that all motorcycles will have incorporated into the bike and possibly the clothing to avoid risk and help protect the rider in avoiding or reducing risks on the road.

Its a larger question whether people would want to have these features and whether they will adopt them to their lifestyle. Just like in the days people did not want to be bothered with safety belts.