Electric Motorcycles and Electric Bicycles

Created by Steven Minichiello on 30 October, 2020

The Zero S and SR motorcycles are the reasonably priced ( ~ $16K) motorcycle for the urban commuter. It has the basic technologies that fit it into the marketplace without breaking the bank, while still providing good styling as a naked street design gives.

The SR has the highest range at 112 on the highway and about 2x that 224 in the city :


The S model has about 25% less range at 90 miles city and 180 in the city :


Both use basic belt driven frame mounted electric motors and non-swappable batteries with hydraulic brakes with traditional hydraulic front shocks and a swing arm rear suspension.

For those who want to blend in and have all the familiar ICE type feel, they will feel at home with this design (and price). They only thing non-traditional is the sound of the bike !

Here's a first ride review of the Zero S and SR :