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Created by Danilo Monteiro on 20 July, 2018

I initially posted this in the
¨3D Printers, Makers, DIY hacks, solutions and post printing tools¨ group,
but since it is direct related to FreeCad issues, here I go again:

Yes, I have issues, who does not?

Mine are with the G-code slicers. Nope, I am not crazy, just issues...

So when I export some of my creations from Freecad in *.stl or *.obj, etc, then upload into Merlin it is warning me the object is not Manifold (watertight), and the slicing goes bananas, more or less, some I manage to print with some errors that I can neglect, but some, hey, the slicer would not even slice it, at all.

I need to understand what the problem is, where in thee FreeCad I must go to fix that and how.

Also I need to understand if anybody else here has similar problems, and whit what programs (both ends, designing and slicing) and how do you sort that thing out?

I have looked into MeshLab that in theory can fix it, sometimes the result is even worse. Or is it me... lol

Also the Repetier itself sometimes fixes it, sometimes is only destroying everything or filling in all the holes I need empty.

Need more input from all sorts of experience you guys had.

Are some non free programs more unlikely to issue such error? Like Inventor or Blender or else?

Asking for a friend (I am my best friend, trust me...)