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Created by Danilo Monteiro on 20 July, 2018

Launch FreeCAD 0.19 with AppImage on Lubuntu

Hello everyone,

I'm new to Linux, I use Lubuntu 20.04 and I have a problem to launch the AppImage of FreeCAD.

I dowloaded development version 0.19-24267 in AppImage format and I checked the box to make the file executable. When I click on AppImage file everything seems to be going well.

Then, GUI appears but closes after a few seconds. I noticed that it closes faster when I click somewhere. If I click while it is running, it closes almost instantly.

I don't have many leads to solve my problem. Thank's in advance if you have some.

2 Answer

I think the problem is due to AppImage format: I installed FreeCAD 0.18 with Lubuntu software library and it work. With AppImage of FreeCAD 0.18 it doesn't work.

I will look for a way to install FreeCAD 0.19 without the AppImage format

When I launch the AppImage with terminal I can read this error message : freecad: ../new/pushbuf.c :723 : new_pushbuf_data: statement « kref » failed.
/tmp/.mount_FreeCAdMf3cE/AppRun : line 41 : 1879 Abandon (core dumped) ${​MAIN}​ "$@"