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Created by Danilo Monteiro on 20 July, 2018

Which Linux OS for FreeCAD?

Hello everyone,

I will soon start using Linux, probably Ubuntu, Mint or Elementary, and I wanted to know if among these OS there were any differences to take into account for FreeCAD performance?

Thank's in advance for your answers

Accepted answer

I personnally use Debian, as last stable version is provided in the repo.
however to test last dev version I use Appimages

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AFAIK, pretty much any distro can run FreeCAD.
(Last updated Oct 9, 2021)

Ubuntu linux version 20.X.X is a good choice: user-friendly, easy to install.
I use AppImage to install Freecad 0.20.
The last stable version in Ubuntu repo is the 0.18 version.

I have used the AppImages for 0.19, 0.20 and Link branch (from realthunder) in Fedora 35-36, Ubuntu 20.04-20.10 and ArcoLinux without any problems.