Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

I need a CAD for a porta potty with sink, for camping, portable, where sink water and reservoir water flushes toilet with septic tank below. The septic tank will be metal, painted with metal paint, or carbon fire to have high melting point. It will have nozzles with manually turned valves and filters, with octagonal eight pipes with water enter to be heated for steam to drive hydro generator. The output valve will allow water vapor to exit septic tank, not hydro carbons or other larger molecules, trapped inside with silica gels and diquat dibromide to dry or desiccate. There will be a hydrometer to measure humidity and temperature. There will be a lighter fluid intake with spark plug to ignite dry waste, burning and consuming waste, generating hot vapor or steam for filtered outlet and heating sealed 8 pipes with water inside for more steam, distilling and purifying urine and waste water. The distilled fresh water basin will allow manual water deposits, but will receive steam and condense while circulating in an enclosed loop the water that is heated in the septic octagon.

Let me know if you can design this CAD, how much, if you want a watermark for licensing, etc.

Thank you.