Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

This is my second post for this, but I did enjoy the outcome last time so I'm posting again for anyone that it missed

I am looking for someone who would be interested in working on projects with me. Some projects may be to provide designs to customers, some may be personal projects for the two of us to try and market. There is no current rush for this. I can handle all my current projects fine but what I am seeking is a reliable teammate that can contribute to my skills in CAD design. I could also do the same for you. If you work with me on customer designs, we could agree upon cost and we could split workloads.

Also, I am looking for partners in the US, Canada, UK areas. This is mainly due to most of my project locations. I don't mind hearing from anyone who is not in these areas although I will focus more on the areas listed. I myself am US based more specifically North Carolina.

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

Lance Gibson