Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

Hello, I am willing to pay for something. I would like to develop a phone mount that is similar to a pop socket but with a few changes. Popsockets are these collapsible phone mounts that are made out of just a few types of plastic. There are thousands of different types of pop sockets but the only difference between them is the color or image on the lid. I want to make a phone mount similar but have the lid modified so that it easier to replace with other lids. the current version of the lid has a few hooks that go into the collapsible body and I want to find a better way to securely connect the lid and the body while making it easy to take on and off. The idea is that people who own popsockets can replace the lids whenever they want so they can customize it and change the way that their phone mount looks without having to buy a new pop socket. I want to pay someone to make me a design based on this. I will require sketches first or something so that you can prove you understand what to do. I will not pay that much money and I will choose one of the cheapest offers but I will consider the quality.

(this is an example of a Popsocket)

(this is a better look at the lid that I want to change. Notice how the hooks are the way that it connects to the body.)

Tell me if you can do this and send me some drawings or sample of how you would achieve my goal. Thank you