Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

Looking to hire CAD designer to design 100' x 40' long clear span fabricated steel building

Due to time restraints, I am looking to hire someone to create a CAD model (with structural load analysis tests included) of a clear span 100' wide x 40' long steel building.

Scopes of the job:

-Building will be fabricated in house so being designed around fabrication abilities of my fabrication shop are a must. Can discuss my machinery and capabilities upon contact.

-Design ethics of "strength through Design" mindset to maintain our Environment first ethos is also a requirement......We do not throw tons of steel at a project just to " be on the safe side".

-Building will need to be designed to meet my local building code for wind and roof load lbs/sq ft requirement which i will also provide upon deciding to move forward with job

-I will be assuming all responsibilities/liabilities of final design, just need someone to design and run load sims quicker than what I have time for

Looking forward to working with someone from this amazing community!!

Best Regards