Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

My name is Michael Rother, and I am a Product and Mechanical Designer. Much of my career is involved in computer aided design of components for the aerospace, transportation and medical device industries. I am also a US Navy veteran.


While working at United Launch Alliance (ULA) I supplied 3D CAD models from the engineering group to the tooling supplier enabling concurrent design of manufacturing tooling. I also supported the ordnance group by designing a stage separation component test stand.


I have also designed more than 450 FAA certified components for the Adam A500 aircraft. I find that wherever I have worked, I bring three key strengths to the table: CAD expertise, component design and invariably I have gained a reputation as the GoTo guy to support high value projects.


I have a passion for designing products that are making a positive impact on the environment. On my personal time I have designed concepts for Smoker, furniture and environmentally friendly lawn and garden power equipment.


I am looking for a position that uses my skills, experiences and passion for product design to support your engineering projects.