Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

Want To Hire 3D designer of scale models of tv/movies cars and trucks Scales vary.Must Be USA person

Looking to hire someone US base because I would have to ship things to you direct @ times.

to create 3D models and into STL files(only)

Need Someone who can work just on base of looking at an object and doing the work.

Need models of Movie/TV cars/trucks for example things like BJ and the Bear truck If I needed a Diff Scale.

Someone who can do the work within 2/4 weeks per project not 3 months.

I pay between $50/$100 per project(depending on the Objects/Designs

contact me...send me some of yr recent works...let's talk.

best if your familiar with movie/tv cars/truck models and Scales.

I hope not to be holding yr hand to do your own work :)

thank you.