Created by GYANJEET RAJ on 14 August, 2018

noob offers partnership in new conceptual idea for a modification on a ophthalmic medical device and suggestions plz

Noob here. First day on site. Ive reviewed sporadic comments and all have been articulated well . I see I have found a good place to root myself. I spent 21 years in the profession of Surgical Ophthalmology and Clinical Ophthalmology around the united states. I have wrestled and I've witnessed associates , technicians suffer from the inadequate medical equipment we used many times per day. Tho far from being as abstract minded as most of you here , I work harder than most here I would not fear to bet on. In order to make up for my lack of skills . Having said that I have an idea for a modification and improvement on a Medical Device which has nearly no circuits , just old school pivotal arms, simple hydraulics and overall in my eyes simple to a engineer. I submitted a application thru my business to hire a newly graduated engineer and receiveed over 120 applications from linken in the firs week. However, since it seemed to be too good to be true , i scare them off. It's simple but so true what I offer. I will offer a50% partnership for the entire duration of the product held by a L.L.C incorporated with either my L.L.C or the interested party’s. A merger perhaps. Of course much negotiation on that complex sub. This of course would a negotiable percentage up to 50% of the profit and of the cost to build , again to be negotiated in detail . You would be a equal partner or if you’d choose for whatever reasons you could be a employer with part ownership of my/our company. .I might add , this is a global product and not at all only restricted to American doctors who use this product in every clinic in America and the globe or lets say a practice which is tile or the sort and not dirt floors and chickens in the exam room. Yes those are out there too. So the market is limitless. I'm estimating the product to go for 5000-8000.00 per unit. It does have a patent on it from the 50s 0r 60’s years ago. However , from how I interpret the law in patent. Anyone can build onto an already patented object and not be classified as infringement. Lastly, I will not be able to pay you as I said in my Link-en Want add for a fresh graduate or experienced freelancer engineer. I dont have that specific type of software and equipment yet. However, once a non disclosure agreement of the invention is in place and if in agreement with the terms which i think is more than fair and the prototype starts production....well lets just say you'll never have to worry about money again. Or your family wont either. This has been on my head for 5 years and I just cant find anyone with the balls or ability to see my conceptual idea in the correct perspective. I have spoken with my medical professionals of whom I have the utmost trust for with a total of 140 years of surgical and clinical experience and each one gave a yay approval and a slap on the back… Far above me and could careless about any further ventures as all of them are up to their necks in other side investments and operations. No time for another. These are associates that have prototyped and put into market operation the latest laser aphakic / pseudophakic removal and insertion of Intra Ocular Lens implant IOL via fully automated scope and device with laser scleral incision and the segmenting , emulsification of a cataract I would like to get some input or offers to all the above suggestions of course as to type and category of hardware/software to purchase which can handle high heat high impact to the polymer / resin . Hollow Tubes and segmented inserts of about a 6-8 in OD and 2/16 in ID and 10 inches in length. Resin Polymer must be extremely strong and resist repeated impact. The above project has stalled as I gave up on it until i came across this site. thanks in advance for your input and assistance in this matter. Cheers

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Hi William, I like your Idea. It's a solution to a problem begging to be solved. I think with the right effort we can succeed with this. I'll like to partner with you, send me a mail at if you're interested.