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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Anyone ever considered that a "THIS IS A REAL CAD FILE" confirmation button might benefit GrabCAD members?

I'm in awe at the proliferation of rendering-only artwork that has found its way onto GrabCAD. Admittedly, I'm an infrequent user. But my visit to the forum 5-years earlier and the ensuing hiatus has given me a unique perspective. I recall being just as amazed at the abundance of useful CAD files back then as I am now at the rendering-only-SPAM clickbait that has found its way on here now.

To all the REAL GrabCAD members who love REAL CAD file with free stuff in 'em, here's my question... 

Do U-think having a confirmation button beside each post allowing GrabCAD members a quick 'n easy way to say, "Yeah! I've examined it and this is a REAL CAD file with REAL parts 'n components and REAL dimensional and geometric information that is actually useful for building the item the post is supposedly all about.

I believe that REAL GrabCAD members are under siege by an onslaught of users more interested in graphics renderings and pretty, shiny objects than they are in REAL CAD files. Honestly, I'm heartbroken to come back after 5-years to find a seemingly empty shell of what I remember GrabCAD to have been. For a THIS IS A REAL CAD FILE button to be effective, administrators would have to review postings on which the T.I.A.R.C.F. button has been clicked to make sure the clickers are playing fair. Clickers' clicking privileges should then be removed if it is discovered they are certifying postings as REAL CAD files when the posts are anything but.

Jeez! What is the world coming to? I never would have dreamed that spammers would have infiltrated and watered-down the effectiveness of such a monumentally potentially useful forum such as GrabCAD.

And last, sorry for the rant. But I'm an old, tired, re-tired civil engineer whose patience seems to wane daily. My fonder memories of the earlier web I remember are disappearing fast. I find it difficult, now, to tolerate the advertisements and click-bait on some of my favorite hangouts - old standbys like YouTube and Google I now find to be an aggravation. I now buy 'n consume medicines I'd never heard of back then. I'm almost ready to break down and pay for YouTube's "no ads" service.