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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Non-latin filenames are broken when downloading.

To reproduce you can try to download files of my model, both DWG and rendered PNG:

Filenames are following:

  • Серверный шкафчик - 4-Temp0047.png
  • Серверный шкафчик - 4.dwg

After download i have got next nonsense:

  • !5@25@=K9 H_0DG8_ - 4-Temp0047.png
  • !5@25@=K9 H_0DG8_ - 4.dwg

At least it looks to be not a browser-specific issue, i have tried with Safari and Chrome on MacOS and Edge on Windows 10 (all the latest versions with updates) with same results.