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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Cutting the cord to GrabCAD's servers. i.e. LAN version of GrabCAD.

My company needs to get off of GrabCAD due to it not complying with ITAR regulations. We aren't ready to turn on PDM yet but will be in the coming months.

I believe there might be a way to use GrabCAD locally without connection to GrabCAD’s servers. If successful, this would keep all our data and CAD file related network activity in house. This could allow us to keep using GrabCAD until PDM is ready.

It is possible to designate any computer as a GrabCAD server using the settings in workbench. Also, it is possible to allow peer to peer downloads to ease network traffic on that server. If we designate this server as a local computer, the vast majority of users should have excellent bandwidth. Remote users should have decent performance via their VPN connections.

If our local server and workstations used in a DNS lookup file for the GrabCAD mothership, any communication to GrabCAD should be short circuited. Wireshark or equiv. could be used to test for any other GrabCAD network activity prior to pulling the plug for good.

This would 'break' the web version that is linked in the “Open Project” button and we would lose the old versions but we don’t rely heavily on either of those functions now. We could use Subversion (SVN) to track old versions if we chose to.

Judging from recent activity, I am not planning on having any support from Stratasys or GrabCAD. Please let me know if I am onto something or if I have missed a critical component.