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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

I fell ill and there was time to systematize my thoughts about the site. Remember that this is a mechanical translation. I will give them in parts:

Like or Bookmarks

On the website, these two different functions are merged into one. In my opinion it is very vain and this leads to some incidents. We all are faced with the fact that the proportion of the number of likes to downloads on average is approximately equal to 1: 3. This disproportion seems to me, precisely because of this dualism. The user likes the model, but he does not want to add it to his bookmarks that they can not be edited. This is a possible reason not to like. The second reason in my opinion is to preserve their anonymity when downloading. I do not understand why I (who loaded the model) and others do not show who downloaded!? This is not fair. Several times I saw that my models are used by other users in their works without reference to the source. What was my surprise that I did not get a like from them. Leave the issues of education and elementary politeness aside. Probably they didn’t like something and it didn’t let them like it. All this leads us to the third. Probably a rigid devaluation system 0/1 - Yes / No which on the site is degenerate only in “Yes” is not quite suitable for the evaluation of models.

I suggest:

1) Introduce a 3 or 5 - point system of derogation.

For example, 5 stars - works fine in the iTunes Music Store.

Total number of voters and stars 69 ★★★☆☆

2) Make Bookmarks a separate function.

3) Remove the anonymity of the download

The introduction of any of these points will lead to an increase in the user's motivation to evaluate the model.