GrabCAD Community User Group

Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Hello GrabCAD Community members! Starting in 2022 we will be posting release notes informing you about fixes and enhancements we’ve recently implemented for the GrabCAD Community. This is part of our initiative to grow and provide a more meaningful experience to everyone in our Community.

All your feedback, comments and questions are appreciated!

New features and enhancements

  1. Google Ads now integrated into Community
  2. Irrelevant Google Ads content categories are now blocked
  3. Message on registration forms now explicitly explain which GrabCAD product it registers for
  4. Members can no longer share via Google Plus
  5. Full screen for YouTube videos is now enabled
  6. Reporting modals made more efficient and consistent now across all Community sections

Stability and reliability

  1. Fixed an issue where blocked users could sign up with same email
  2. Improved security against Log4JShell vulnerability reported in
  3. Community members no longer have the ability to follow themselves
  4. Fixed an issue where member’s content is hidden after restoring the member
  5. Reporting functionality removed from irrelevant places like viewing your own profile or viewing a profile or tutorial while not logged in
  6. Fixed an issue where switching between pages in Engineers section gives 404 error
  7. Fixed an issue where duplicate Software items appeared on model details
  8. Fixed an issue where Help articles opened in new tab gave 404 error
  9. Fixed an issue where answer editing modal can’t be closed in Questions section
  10. Fixed an issue where 'New' label overlaps Open to Work menu item in mobile and tablet devices
  11. Fixed an issue where invalid comment counts displayed for Models and Challenges
  12. Fixed an issue where member's description modal can not be closed by OK button