GrabCAD Community User Group

Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

This recent post in the Question section got me thinking about hidden rules on GrabCAD:

Who knew that models containing "BMW" are removed from the Library? I've heard about it but don't know many details. Are other terms banned from the Library?

Another recent post claims "dangerous" models are being hidden in the Library. What's "dangerous"? We've never been told.

I understand removing a weapon designed for 3D printing like "The Liberator" as mentioned in the guidelines. But does GrabCAD believe a 3D printed rocket or helicopter poses a risk?

Longtime members of the site are familiar with the Community Guidelines but I wonder how new members find these rules. I've never seen a link to get to them. I have to do a web search for "GrabCAD guidelines" every time I want to reference them:

I assume there are other rules I'm not aware of?

These are the sorts of things I'd expect to find posted in this Group from the Community Manager when they are implemented. I'd also expect them to be added to the Community Guidelines or otherwise be posted so members can know about them.