GrabCAD Community User Group

Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

not all grabcad users are valuable to the community because some of them stealing the efforts of other like downloading their models and selling it on some other websites and that really hurts..

recently i found out with help of my follower that all my grabcad models was sold in a china website by person called min zhong who uploaded almost 9991 models which belongs to GRABCAD community.

not only my models but some other users like MAB(mahmet), trinityscp , ivo jordin etc., so we need to find a solution for this ...we should let any user to use the efforts of other without permission of the author.

pls go through this link and that fellows profile in that website and you will come to know what am trying to say this fellow sold everything which we got in grabcad

expecting better solution for it