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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Announcing QUESTIONS in GrabCAD Groups!

As many of you know, GrabCAD Groups is the part of the Community where you can join groups specific to your interest and connect with like-minded engineers, designers, and students. We also encourage you to participate in industry-related discussions so you can share your expertise.

Well, today we’re happy to announce that GrabCAD Community Groups just got a whole lot better with Group Questions!

Below, we answer a few FAQs you might have about the new feature:

How is Group Questions different than the Questions section?

Unlike the Questions section of the Community, Group Questions can only be answered by group members! This means, the experts related to the question you’re asking will be the ones answering – not to mention a few members from GrabCAD’s knowledge and support team.

This ensures that your questions are always answered – and fast. Also, unlike Reddit, your question won’t get lost in a thread maze.

For example: When you ask a SOLIDWORKS question in the Questions section, you are asking the entire Community. However, when you ask the same question in Group Questions, you can post it specifically in the 3D Printing Group, to 3D printing users who are better equipped to answer your question.

How do I ask a Group Question?

When you’re in your group and want to ask a question, select the question mark icon. This will tell members, “Hey, I have a question and need an answer!”

Which Group should I join?

Whatever your passion is, that’s the group you should join! Remember, GrabCAD Community Groups is your stop to find the content and discussions you’re interested in. We hope with the Group Question feature, you’ll now also have a great place for all your inquiries.

Let us know what you think of Group Questions!



GrabCAD Community Manager