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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Two GrabCAD improvement Ideas - YouTube Tutorial Size, and Embedded image size

  1. I noticed in Tutorials that YouTube based videos can't be resized. That means no theater mode, and no full screen viewing. Every thing has to be viewed in a 630x350 window. As that size is too small to see anything, I suspect many people press the "watch on YouTube" button. But sending people away from GrabCAD should not be the result. Allow resizing, or full screen watching of YouTube tutorials.
  2. When an image is posted to GrabCAD it can be clicked to make it larger. That's great. But, it is limited to the size of the browser window. I'd like the option to click an expanded image again to view it at it's native resolution even if that exceeds the size of the browser window. I'll post some example below.

Here's a sample image that is 5287x713:

Clicking on it will give a larger view, but the size is limited to the size of the browser window:

The above image is larger for sure, but the content still can't be read. The full size image looks like this:

So clicking an image would work like it does now. But clicking that enlarged image should then push the image to it's full size and be in a "window" that allows panning and zooming.

The full image is already uploaded, but I wonder if most people realize the image can be viewed in a larger size by copying/saving it, then opening it with an image editor. Re-clicking an enlarged image now returns it to the smaller size.