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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

A colleague from the community tells me about some of my models re-uploaded by another person with a different render, it really bothers me a lot, when we publish a model it is so that anyone in the community can use it personally and professionally, this to save themselves time and advance the designs, but not to re-upload them as if they were theirs, not only should they not do it, even if they say that if they downloaded them from the community, since they did not even ask for permission, i hope the staff do somenting, because there are already several occasions and different colleagues in the community that the same thing has happened to them, colleagues do not upload a model that is not yours even if it is the simplest or the most complex, since you detract from the effort and hours of dedication of the person who makes the design.

here an example:

months ago it was also my model of a chandelier, but the person deleted it as soon as I added a comment about the plagiarism that was being carried out.