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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

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Use of Nick Name and Latin letters

1. Choosing short will make it easier to remember and find you.

2i If you use your own language letters instead of Nick name and Latin letters, we will choose difficulty in finding you.

3. Nick name should be short. On the contrary, if long words are chosen, it will be difficult for you to remember.

4. The majority of members use Latin letters. If they use the letters in their own language, I personally have difficulty remembering them ç For example, if a Chinese or Japanese member of ours uses the letters in their language, I have difficulty saying no or finding them, and I have to use Translate google for the Nick name of those members and this takes my time


each member can act as they want, but they lose some advantages by using their own alphabet instead of the Latin alphabet.

These are my personal thoughts.

However, I think we should not forget that we are on an international site.

my regards to all of you

MAB (Mehmet)