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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

I have completed the needed tasks but haven't yet received the promised badges

Hello GrabCAD Community,

I am VIVEK D from India. I am a member of the Grabcad Community since 5th September 2019. Since a few days back I have been working towards acquiring the badges on the Grabcad community namely the "Render Bender Badge" and the "Top Animator Badge", I have completed all the necessary tasks needed to acquire the badges, in particular, I have rendered almost 130 models and have animated almost 25 of my models, but I have not yet received the badges. They are vital for me so, can you please check on why I did not receive the badges, and if there is any problem on your side can you please resolve and issue me the badges.

Thanking You;

I Will be waiting for your reply

With regards,