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Created by Anna Skopenko on 10 January, 2018

Notification of new message(s) in my inbox at the menubar, but in reality there isn't a new message

Since the last days everytime I'm visiting GrabCAD there is a notification of new message(s) - until now showing 1 or 2 new messages.
Opening the inbox there is no new message available, so this seems to be a mistake.

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Could you please check now if it is fixed?

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This is NOT a growing number of notification but that the indicator is still in the OLD location *before* they added the 'work availability' icon.

Just think to the left of the number is what you have to click !!

The grabcad web developers will have to shift the number position (location) to the LEFT to correct of the new 'work availability' icon.

I’m seeing the same thing. The number of new unread messages keeps growing yet there no new messages.