GrabCAD India

Created by ajinkya awachar on 18 June, 2018

Problem Statement:

Create a CAD model of the Pedal Driven Bicycle Assembly using PTC Creo software.

1. Assembly

• Use the following Dimensions/Specification of the assembly,

Wheel base : 0.96m

Handle width : 0.55m

Seat height : 0.5m

Wheel diameter: 0.65m

• Assembly must contain at least 50 parts.

• Assembly should contain the following major parts,

Wheel with 36 spokes, Disc brake at the front, Telescopic suspension, Handlebar with grip, Brake lever, Frame, Seat with adjustable height, Bottle cage, Pedal, Chain, Derailleur gear system, Chain tensioner, Rear suspension, Centre-pull brake at the rear, Carriage, Side stand, Wheel fender, etc

• Every nut and bolt must have threads.

• Every part must be fully constrained (except for mechanism).

can someone give me a basic idea of how to go about this?