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Created by ajinkya awachar on 18 June, 2018

Require got Full design plans for a manufacturing / Production unit?

I am a Mechanical Engineer, in contact with a few businessmen who are willing to invest in developing any machine or a production plant as a business. Basically the full plan should be ready in CAD or atleast partially in CAD with proven / Working machinery. We would be more interested in food processing units or injection molding but all plans are welcome.

We have a Business management and Marketing team from another business that would be making sure to connect us with the required end users/ customers for the new project. All confirmations will be made after we study the plan & once our team does a market study for the business.

I am currently located in Muscat & Mumbai. Interested teams/ Individuals can contact me on the below email.

rajshinai(at)gmail com


Examples would be:

1) potato chip making plant,

2) Injection molding plant

or similar business manufacturing plants.

  • Post will be removed once our requirement is fulfilled.