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Created by ajinkya awachar on 18 June, 2018

Render video in solidworks

I have been working on solidworks motion study. i am facing an issue. if i put a study to render of 20 second on 24fps then it is taking 4 seconds for 1 frame their is 481 frames if i calculate then it will take more than 1.5days for 20 sec rendered animation how can i reduced this time. i have 3 min study and i want to render asap.

If their anyone who can do this motion study rendered video with in 2 days contact me..

Accepted answer

Hi Hitesh bhole!

Unlike Professional rendering softwares like Blender, Maya, Cinema4D,
SolidWorks totally depended on the number of Cores of your computer( like six core processor or eight core processor).

So there are only two options to reduce the render time:
1) Change the aspect ration equal to 360p format
2) Change the frames per second (since you are using SolidWorks photo360, even if you reduce the fps does not much affect the output)

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