HVAC & Refrigeration Engineering

Created by Evgene Enipra on 20 March, 2019

The main goal of this community is to help in providing 3D models of the necessary components, advising on issues related to refrigeration (development of refrigerating machines and chillers), discussing component manufacturers (feedback and recommendations).

  1. If the need arises for any 3D component, create a discussion of the following sample: [“Model required - (name and manufacturer"] -> Model required - check valve Danfoss (CHV). Since there is a huge base of refrigeration components and there is not always time just to put it on GrabCad. These topics will be further edited in separate units according to the type of components (check valves, ball valves, sight glasses, filters ....) with direct links to the elements. For my part, in most cases I post the configured models in SW 2018 (one file containing the entire product line) configured to work with the module SolidWorks Routing Library.
  2. To discuss the manufacturer, simply create a theme with a name, for example ["Manufacturer Name"] -> Bitzer. SWEP. Grundfoss... In these topics it is planned to discuss new products, their quality, possible nuances when working with them.
  3. If you have a technical question, create a topic ["Need technical support - (briefly stating your question)"] -> NTS refrigeration automation for the system -55 ° C
  4. The creation of any topic related to the refrigeration theme is only supported. For example, "Who works in which direction?" ;  "It is necessary to develop ..."
  5. Please do not create themes with self-promotion! These topics will be deleted immediately.

I hope for your understanding and responsiveness. In the near future this group will be filled with content related to it. Thank you for your participation! Best regarts.