Hydrofoil Technology

Created by Magnus Rahm on 16 July, 2018

We are doing a CFD project and are going to calculate lift and drag in 3D (SolidWorks flow simulation) for a symmetric NACA0015 surface-piercing hydrofoil wing and would like to get ideas for design improvements. The hydrofoil wing section has a chord of 220 mm at the top and 110 mm at the bottom where a fillet radius of 4 mm has been applied. Please contribute. The foil is intended to be pitchable so the lift force and normal force can be altered during operation of the craft. The pitchin is attached via a shaft at the hydrofoil longitudinal axis. As a start, the foil will be tilting 30 degr to the vertical and the water surface be at the mid of the hydrofoil. Total length is 1.6 m.

At the strart, the foil needs to provide lift to lift the hull out of the water. Then it needs to compensate for wind forces, i.e. just as on a foiling catamaran.

CAD-file can be downloaded via link if there is interest.