I Designed It, I Built It

Created by Rollin Shultz on 30 April, 2018

The task was to build a storage rack to hold a variety of different types of bar glasses in a friends "Man Town" bar. The concept was to use home depot wood, strapping and trim molding because I do not have a table saw to rip anything. I modeled a few sizes of off the shelf wood and this is what I came up with.

I finished putting it together today and stained it. Tomorrow or one day soon I will install it and take more pictures so it is easy to see the different configurations of glass ware that needed to be accommodated here.

I drilled pilot holes for the screws, so the wood would not split. Everything is held together with screws.

This is where the glasses will enter when it is installed

Here are my high tech construction tools and industrial strength work bench (AKA Pick nick table). After cutting all the wood, I laid them all out according to the drawing that I made. I will clean up the drawing some before I post it in the library. I know the spacing dimensions and where they were referenced to, but right now it is a mess and I dare say it is not ready for release.

Made a wooden Gage block to try and keep the holes going in as straight as possible and some with uniform spacing.

My state of the art chop saw, hard to hurt your fingers by accident with this new age technology.

I guess, that is it for now, if interested stop back later when it has been installed.