I Designed It, I Built It

Created by Rollin Shultz on 30 April, 2018

I designed this Drill Jig in the Free emachineshop 2D CAD that let's you view it in 3D and had it 3D Printed for $22 for my first design using holes. I used makexyz to 3D Print it.

Old Skidoo/Rotaxs used Points Ignitions. The Old way to convert from Points to CDI was to use the CDI Coil off the old Nippon Desno Horse Shoe Type CDI and Rekey the Flywheel. Many of the Skidoo and Seadoo Engines used these Horse Shoe Type CDI. I can't take credit for the basic concept idea, a shop that makes these Horse Shoe CDI Stators came up with the idea of just using the the whole Horse Stator and drilling Holes to index it differently, rather than Rekeying the Flywheel. But theirs only used a Single Bolt Hole so only worked on one basic engine the 250 Single Type 247. I researched all the different Timing for the old Singles and came up with the idea to make a Slot instead of just a Hole, so they can be adjusted to work on all the old Singles. There is a difference in Price of Seadoo vs Skidoo parts but they work the same.