I Designed It, I Built It

Created by Rollin Shultz on 30 April, 2018

this is the cad file image.

the model has been uploaded into the library. search for shelves if you need or want to see the assembly...

For the life of me I can not figure why this is upside down. I rotated the image 180 and it still comes in as up side down... I just dont get it. so everyone turn your monitor up side down if you want to see it right.

Besides that, the slight problem I had making this was the fact that the roof interfered with the top most shelf. The long strapping needed to be cut to 92 inches from the 96 length that the rest were.

The building was as crooked as anyone could imaging for a structure that is 100+ years old. But I built the shelves square and then shimmed as needed to accommodate for the floor unevenness .

I attached the four corner uprights to the building once I made sure they were plumb.

Simple, somewhat strong, and reasonably inexpensive for the size and strength as compared to trying to find generic storage shelves any cheaper

also left the center uprights longer , can always cut if needed.