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Created by ALance on 13 August, 2018

Looking for 1-3 good books that give me the "Overarching Principles of Industrial Design"

As a former aerospace (and mechanical) engineer just moving into this space, I've been doing a lot of Amazon searches and most design books seem to focus on software interface/UX stuff or how to use CAD. But I need like a Design 101 overview for a design Philosophy of how to create better physical products.

Something simple and accessible, with a lot of well-known examples. Like "Famous Designer X says, 'Once you have more than 5 buttons on a device, it gets 85% more confusing for people to use than one with 4 buttons."

If I was teaching someone how to do Marketing, the book I would recommend is Seth Godin's "Purple Cow" or "All Marketers Are Liars". I'm looking for a few books like that for Industrial Design. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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FORM follows Function (q.v.)

It's a great question, but verging on too-broad. There are scores of books covering this area and the answer depends on what is meant by better in “better physical products”, and what is meant by products (industry or consumer). Better could mean,

• cost (cheaper)
• weight (lighter)
• features (more)
• aesthetics (styling)
• ergonomics

I'd be inclined to search for books in the last group. Form (should) follows function is a widely quoted maxim.

Le guide du dessinateur industriel
ci joint en lien
sur mon drive