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Created by Emma Kaloupek on 6 June, 2018

How do you make money in CAD professionalism back in your home country? Open sharing, just a brief answer(country, what you do)

In Kenya, freelancing is slowly making it's way in Kenya as there are many engineers graduating from university. As most of them wait for their dream jobs, freelancing and casual design jobs comes in handy.

At the moment, there are several buildings and structures being laid, not forgetting several startups venturing in a range of products in urgent and paramount CAD expertise needs.

However, it still becomes a challenge to bring both parties together.

similarly, a good fraction of employees in the companies prefer diploma/certificate graduates to engineering graduates, with the believe that they tend to get better at getting their hands dirty than engineering graduates.

Contrary to the above, upcoming companies prefer engineering graduates as they tend to show professionalism, when it comes to manufacturing, and not less of artisans- more often than not, engineering jobs tend to reduce engineers to artisans, however, these product design company startups understand the full potential of a design engineers.

what is it you do back in your country as a CAD professional?, maybe, CAD expertise enthusiast? maybe, as a CAD instructor?