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Created by Emma Kaloupek on 6 June, 2018

I am a mechatronics engineer. I have experience in machine design and I am looking for a job as a freelancer.

My LinkedIn address;ğuzhan-ersi̇n

My portfolio;

Adjustable Winding Patterns (Different Sizes),

Adjustable Winding Mandrels (Different Sizes),

Expandable Winding Mandrel (Different Sizes),

High Voltage Automatic Coil Winding Machine,

Automatic Coil Winding Machine With Auto Wire And Insulation Paper Arrangement,

Amorphous Alloy Transformer Core Winding Machine,

Automatic 3D Triangle Wound Core Coil Winding Machine,

Vertical Type Copper Wire Transformer Coil Winding Machine,

Traditional Coil Winding Machine,

Toroidal Winding Machine,

LV Coil Winding Machine,

Automatic Transformer Coil Winding Machine Manufacturer,

JIB Crane,

Sizing Machine,

Packaging Machine,...