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Created by Emma Kaloupek on 6 June, 2018

Is a bachelor's degree an absolute necessity for employment as a product designer?

Does anybody know if a bachelors degree is needed to obtain a job as a product designer? I keep coming across too many job listings that require some form of a college degree. I'm self taught mainly because school is too expensive and technically worthless in comparison to what i learned online. How exactly can i break into this degree inflated market?

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Bachelor´s degree = bureaucracy. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and i´m unemployed because the pandemic !. I´ve seen job offers like the example: bachelors degree or a combination of experience or knowledge related to the position, but the HR´s or CEO´s prefers the degree + thousands of years in experience (practical experience), (the worst combination in Mexico). A bachelors degree isn´t necessary. It helps, but the work related experience is the key to success. Take your first step from below the stairway, never in the middle.

Try in Linkedin too.

Simply put. University certficates are needed for large companies due to HR, legal and ethical requirments....However a 1st BA in design ticks the boxes but your portfolio gets you the job. As a car designer and also see applications and help selection i can tell you we dont care about your degree.

If you want to freelance, then no it doesnt matter at all, unless your client has some kind of ego or doesnt understand creative fields.

Basically, a degree whether BA BS Mdes etc is great as its part of the learning process and intro to design and more than just a piece of paper to designers. However, HR, Legal and other departments love it and live by it as its objective and maths where a porfolio is subjective

It's not, but it sure helps. Try putting upfront a portfolio instead.