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Created by Regis Muhire on 26 June, 2018

One project I have wanted to make, is a good accurate model model of an engine of an old British single Cylinder engine. Years ago I once owned a 1948 BSA 350cc B31. All the old British singles from the 1950's had a style that I love. I wish I had kept my BSA B31. Now in my retirement years I would love to model a British single from this era. If anyone out there has old drawings, specs, and other details, enough, to make a good start on such a project it would be much appreciated. Details of any BSA, Norton, Matchless, AJS, or even details of a 500 cc J.A.P single as used in speedway bikes would be good. If anyone out there has this information please share with me as this would make a great project to model.