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Created by Grabby The Bot on 12 June, 2018

Hexagonal Plastic "Rodin Coil" Two-layer Battery

I need a 12-cell battery with the gyroscopic or lissajous figure best-possible path of electron flow for high EMF values, graphene sheet filters for longer battery life, fewer Bremstralung and Compton scattering energy loss effects. Lead sulfate for now is good, say a hexagonal battery that will fit in a car with the current mount brackets. The CAD only accounts for plastic shells, caps on cation/anion entry, holes with mounts to secure graphene sheet filters, and positive and negative connections/battery terminals. This should increase power by 250% and reduce energy loss by 50%, but most importantly, give you a much longer battery life. LiO cells shaped like this (Rodin Battery) for PC's, smartphones, etc., are next.