Plastic Products and Mold Design

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How to make feasibility report preparation for plastic product?

Many interviews, people asked do you have any experience in feasibility preparation, So if any one know the answer or Do you have any standard for feasibility report, please share here.

Accepted answer

For example, you want to produce a piece that you want to sell.
To avoid wasting time and money, you may be wondering if this product will work well after production. And how the audience will react to the sale.

Another example: You have designed a plastic valve and you claim that this valve can withstand high water pressure and heat and its material is recycled plastic.
The results then show that using recycled plastic for tap water is unhealthy and has problems. This means that it is not possible for you to produce and sell it.
So far, your feasibility report has been negative.
Then you remove the recycled plastic and instead suggest using fresh ingredients. Now the results show that your product can be produced and sold.
Now the results of your feasibility study (production and sales) are positive.
So feasibility is a separate product for each stage.
Feasibility 1: Check if the design can be turned into a product? What are its shortcomings?
Feasibility 2: Investigating whether the market needs this product?
Feasibility 3: Does the product have the right shape to make the injection mold?
Or it should be turned into separate pieces.
All of these are feasibility studies that have a negative or positive answer, and if they are negative, the process stops.
You need to make corrections and your feedback will be positive.

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Feasibility study is one of the first and perhaps the most important steps in a manufacturing process.
For example, you are a designer and manufacturer of plastic injection molds.
Someone will give you a plastic piece and you have to make the molds.
Then you have to announce the cost and time of completion of the process.
You have reasons to claim. These reasons are the result of your feasibility study.
And if you write and document them, you have a feasibility report of timely delivery of the project.
Or in another case, you endorse industrial and construction projects.
And you analyze the proposed solutions and designs. You have reasons to determine whether it is correct or not (physically, mechanically, etc.).
And you document your reasons and refer them.
This report is a judge's feasibility over a plan.
I hope it is useful..