Pro-E users (PTC creo)

Created by Selvaraj P on 5 June, 2018

hear we know that ., this config options control various commands and the operations in creo.

is there a database or a detailed collection place where we may find the details of the options. such that

module wise/ command wise/ operation wise/ and parametric operation while modules are under interaction.

hear is an example.

we create part with views

assign view sections in the drawing sheet.

when we call the part to the drawing sheer , it gets automatically aligned to those section view boxes.

this is possible when drawing .dtl and config_por. have been set with the corresponding options.

as configuring a session plays a major role in optimized working in creo.

it's being important to get expertized in creo..

i managed to find this list of configuration options from the working directory.

so someone who have expertized the tool help me..