Pro-E users (PTC creo)

Created by Selvaraj P on 5 June, 2018

Hello team,

Due to the quarantine I'm enhancing my Creo skills replicating SW models, but I came across with two models that I'm not able to do at all. In SW they're easy to do because it has a very powerful Wrap tool that lets you engrave and emboss almost every geometry in almost every surface.

So I'm asking for guidance to model them in Creo, I've tried to use wrap, projection and nothing, even Graph with Sweep command following a tutorial but the video begins sketching the graph with the base feature already done so I'm not getting the same results because I'm missing info and also don't know how to use graph, or maybe I have to turn on/off some configurations.

One is a barrel/cylinder cam that the cut is uniform along the trajectory (with no distortions in SW) but in Creo the section is deformed in height and/or width depending on the trajectory section, and the other one is a muffler with a special 7-hole pattern wrapped around the surface at a certain angle.

here are the dwgs, I'll appreciate any help