Pro-E users (PTC creo)

Created by Selvaraj P on 5 June, 2018

dear all. its very pleasureful that there are people to silve even the moxxt comples scenarios with the designing environment.

I'M TRYING TO LEAR THE surface module in creo

i sont have that much of fund for getting suppport friom the PTC Universoty.

therfore i need a place online where i can learn all the mocules in the surfaces

i find that creo surface modellig being fobust than Generative shapes Design in CATIA, as there is more explicit patametrism in Creo.

i found tutorial manuals and bookd online. and some paid sites for learning,

but i feel that i need a comprehended cource material for carryingout my learning.

because collectinf. comprehending. sortng and learning is too tedius.confusing. and i may learn wrong even...

so if someone knows.s hoe. assist me please..

and i need best practice materials also...