Pro-E users (PTC creo)

Created by Selvaraj P on 5 June, 2018

Can anyone knows how to change the default balloon note as plain text?

I'm using Creo 3.0, In Drafting I usually use repeat regions and so the balloon notes are automatically generated.
As the default balloon note that comes with a balloon and text inside it.
But I wanted my balloon note as a plain text that ends from the arrow.
I have attached a IMG actually I've done that manually from notes to get it.
But I want to know can we change default balloon note as a plain text?
Thank you

2 Answers

You have to create a Custom Symbol and then set to the Table Properties to use the Custom Symbol instead of the default circle with the BOM report index.

Here are a couple videos I made on Custom Symbols:


Be aware that a BOM symbol must contain at least one graphical entity.

Here is a video on creating and using custom BOM balloons: