Pro-E users (PTC creo)

Created by Selvaraj P on 5 June, 2018

Parametrically changeable template (solid model) of a bevel gear

I am searching for a native 3D model (template) - a BEVEL GEAR with an involute toothing - for the CAD application »PTC Creo Parametric 2.0«, which is fully parametrically defined, to change all toothing parameters for a new project. The outside diameter of the bevel gear should be approximate 17 mm. The number of teeth should be 20.

If any member could provide such a model, I would be very pleased.

Accepted answer

please do not post this model on grabcad, i dont think i can in trouble but best make your own and post that.

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you may need this too. keep them in the same directory