RC plane Design and build

Created by mohsen khalafi on 12 July, 2021

dear friends as a starter post I would like to welcome you all to this group

among you are some of my friends I met you here on Grabcad and had worked with you on some joined projects and there are others who are my true inspirations as i have always looked at their models and learned a lot so I sincerely thank you for joining.

I also invite you to post and share your previous design and build projects here maybe even your YouTube build logs and maiden flight videos besides your upcoming and present ones . I know there are a lot of RC related forums but here we are mainly into design and build from total scratch with no plans just with a spark of an idea and a will to design and build.

we can also discuss a bit more on the CAM side of the projects here as grab cad is more focused on CAD and there is little CAM on it :D

I wish you all my best and aks you to invite your friends to join share and visit the work of others