Created by Richard Barber on 8 March, 2018

We're pleased to announce the release of Light Tracer Render ( version 1.6.2.

Light Tracer Render is the tool to produce photorealistic renderings interactively, in both desktop Web browser and standalone Windows application. Based on a physically-correct unbiased ray tracing engine working on any graphics card, both discrete NVIDIA/AMD GPUs and Intel iGPUs.

(Gearbox model by T-FLEX CAD:

The released version brings significant changes:

  1. Scene Editor widget now supports the two-level representation of your scene providing a balance between the complexity of complete tree and simplicity of planar list. You may pick individual parts or entire assembly to apply materials and/or transform an object.
  2. Undo and Redo buttons are now available in the actions menu. You can Undo and Redo up to 1024 actions in Light Tracer during the current session. All the events related to transformations and materials adjustments are recorded.
  3. The new version provides support for basic animations and video recording. Straightforward and easy to use, our turntable and swing animation tools allow you to create stunning presentations for your models. The animation can be previewed in real-time within Light Tracer’s viewport.

Along with the above-mentioned functionality, you are also provided with support for CAD import (STEP/IGES/BRep), AI denoisers (both NVIDIA and Intel), export renders with transparent background or custom backplates, support of basic rendering passes (RGB index, depth, normal, albedo), as well as improved user experience.

Light Tracer Standalone delivers fast GPU rendering at a fantastic price – $39 for permanent individual license. You are welcome to a free 14-day trial period without any restrictions in functionality and watermarks. As for Web version, it is absolutely free and even does not require registration! Try it right now at

Feel free to report any feedback you have here, we will be happy to talk and answer all your questions.