Created by Richard Barber on 8 March, 2018

Light Tracer Render 1.7.0 -- Intuitive tool for photo-realistic rendering

Dear GrabCAD community!

Let me announce a fresh release of Light Tracer Render 1.7.0, which is now available for both Windows and Mac ( Light Tracer is probably the most intuitive GPU-accelerated physically-based GPU renderer.

Along with many nice changes, the update significantly improves the import of CAD models (in STEP, IGES, BRep formats), allowing for a much more accurate display of shapes. Note that the Light Tracer has built-in mesh healing tools that can help fix some issues with imported geometry. In particular, you can reverse the orientation of surfaces, recalculate normals, explode the solid into parts, or even into individual faces (e.g., to apply different materials to them). Take your CAD rendering to the next level by moving your model into the Light Tracer!

To read more about other new features, please check the story on Medium.

Fashion Jewellery Ring by Roland Schneider rendered in Light Tracer Render

Engine V Twin by Aled J Taylor rendered in Light Tracer Render

You are welcome to a free trial without any restrictions in functionality and watermarks. Let us know about your experience! Help us improve by sharing in our Discord community.