Created by Richard Barber on 8 March, 2018

Dear GrabCAD users!

If you need an easy-to-use, convenient and fast tool for high-quality visualization of your models, please pay attention to the fresh release of Light Tracer Render 2.0 ( Unlike many other rendering tools, Light Tracer works on any GPU (both discrete GPUs from NVidia, AMD, and integrated solutions from Intel, Apple, AMD) and operating system (Windows, macOS). Moreover, the tool can run even in the browser to share the results with your colleagues (

Light Tracer natively supports STEP, IGES, 3DM, FBX, STL, and many other file formats widely used in the 3D industry. Just drop the model into Light Tracer's window, choose lighting preset and a ground plane or stand, and get a nice shot! Instead of the ground plane, you may use a shadow or reflection catcher with any background (including fully transparent), so you may easily drop the render into slides or on the website.

The new version got many changes and improvements, including advanced rendering algorithms, support for mesh lights with IES profiles, improved materials, shadow and reflection catchers, built-in modeling tools, a lot of UI tuning, etc. For a detailed press release, please refer to Medium story.

You are welcome to a free 14-day trial period without any restrictions in functionality and watermarks. Get it right now at!

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